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Changing The World With Stories: Narrative 4 Here At UTC

“What Is Your Story” neon sign in window.
Etienne Giradet / Unsplash

Chattanooga is a storytelling town - and storytelling has a home throughout the Tennessee Valley.

A recent example of storytelling on our campus - the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga - is Narrative 4, a global storytelling organization that works with educators, artists and students to make connections, break stereotypes and spur positive change.

Narrative 4 uses what it calls a “story exchange” - to create curiosity and empathy in a first-person format.

UTC hosted multiple two-day orientation sessions this summer for new students entering our campus this fall - and on Tuesday, October 24th, the founder of Narrative 4 will participate in a panel discussion here at UTC, titled “Changing the World with Stories” starting at 7 PM in the Unive University Center Auditorium.

Kate Rudder is with Narrative 4.

Georgia Hunley and Emily Waddell are juniors here at UTC who were among the orientation leaders for the story exchange this summer.

Lee Harris is UTC’s coordinator of music education.

“Changing the World with Stories” at UTC banner.
Narrative 4

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