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Sculpture Fields, Part III: Terry Karpowicz & Barry Hehemann

"Ardent" by Andrew Light at Sculpture Fields.
Sculpture Fields at Montague Park
"Ardent" by Andrew Light at Sculpture Fields.

If you’ve ever visited Sculpture Fields at Montague Park here in Chattanooga, maybe you’ve wondered about the artists behind the sculptures that are all around you.

What stories can those artists and their sculptures tell you?

This weekend, Sculpture Fields hosts Fire Up the Fields - its annual sculpture burn - on Saturday, starting at 5:30 PM.

The vision for the future of Sculpture Fields looks bright - as part of a recently-proposed reimagining of the Montague Park site in the Southside neighborhood.

With that in mind, we’re looking back on the creation of Sculpture Fields with a series of conversations here on “Scenic Roots.”

For this conversation, we speak with Terry Karpowicz - and Barry Hehemann, both sculptors based in Chicago with ties to Sculpture Fields.

Our thanks to the team at Sculpture Fields at Montague Park for partnering with us for this conversation series.

Details on this weekend's Fire Up the Fields at sculpturefields.org.

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