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A Racial Reckoning In Retrospect: A Community Conversation

A multicultural group of raised hands.
Tech Goes Home Chattanooga
A multicultural group of raised hands.

Where are we now?

How did we get here?

Where do we go from here?

Those are a few of the questions for a community conversation this weekend, hosted by the Chattanooga Racial Equity Collective - titled: “A Racial Reckoning in Retrospect.”

The free event - open to the public - is Saturday, starting at 6 PM, at the Horton-Keller Center for Traumatic Healing at 2800 N. Chamberlain Ave.

Donivan Brown of the Horton-Keller Center and Lakweshia Ewing are members of the Collective.

Banner for “A Racial Reckoning In Retrospect.”
Chattanooga Racial Equity Collective

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