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Patterns Of Place: Part II with Eric Kronberg, Coming To CIVIQ

Eric Kronberg
Kronberg Urbanists + Architects
Eric Kronberg

Eric Kronberg is known as a “zoning whisperer.”

He is a principal at Kronberg Urbanists + Architects in Atlanta - where he strives to demystify and harmonize urban design, architecture and development into better places for all.

On Thursday, May 23rd, Eric will be the speaker at the next CIVIQ, presented by Chattanooga Design Studio - starting at 5:30 PM at the downtown Chattanooga Public Library.

Here’s the rest of our conversation with him - and Eric Myers, the Studio’s executive director.

Poster for CIVIQ with Eric Kronberg
Chattanooga Design Studio

For more about Eric Kronberg at this month’s CIVIQ by Chattanooga Design Studio, visit chattanoogastudio.com/civiq.

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