Another Woodmore Bus Crash Victim Dies; Driver to Face Another Vehicular Homicide Charge

Nov 23, 2016

Chattanooga police arrested bus driver Johnthony Walker shortly after the crash.

Another child has passed away as a result of injuries sustained in the Woodmore Elementary school bus crash, Chattanooga Police announced Wednesday evening.

The child's passing is the sixth fatality since the incident, which happened Monday afternoon on Talley Road. The driver, 24 year-old Johnthony Walker, already faces five counts of vehicular homicide and other offenses, and police say they will add another vehicular homicide charge.

Earlier in the day, lead investigator Sergeant Austin Garrett of the Chattanooga Police Department released new information about the driver.

CPD Sgt. Austin Garrett answers questions about the fatal bus crash.

He said toxicology results had come in, and blood tests showed no traces of drugs or alcohol in Walker's system. He also addressed one parent's claim about Walker.

Three of Jasmine Mateen's children were on the bus, and one died. Mateen told CBS News that just before the crash, the driver asked the children if they were prepared to die.

Sergeant Garrett addressed that claim.

“No witness we have spoken with has that information or provided it directly to our investigators," he said. "But we have not interviewed all witnesses yet.” 

Police are urging anyone who did witness the crash to call 423-698-2525.