Breaking Barriers On The Paths To The Outdoors

Jun 8, 2021

For a short documentary, “Bigger Than Me” covers a lot of ground.

The film tells the story of Clark Brewer, Jr.,  an African-American music artist here in Chattanooga who introduces his own community to the outdoors, the most underrepresented group in these spaces.



Five years ago, Clark co-founded the program Bridge Chattanooga - and his new program is Huemans Outdoors.

On Thursday at 7:30 PM, the premiere of “Bigger Than Me” will be screened at Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center.

I spoke with Clark, Pablo Mazariegos - the film’s executive producer - and Mark McKnight, president and CEO of Reflection Riding.


For more information about Clark Brewer, Jr. and Huemans Outdoors, visit