Justice John Marshall Harlan - And His Role In The Ed Johnson Story

Sep 11, 2021

Throughout this year, we have shared the story of Ed Johnson, an African-American man who was lynched on Chattanooga’s Walnut Street Bridge in 1906.

On Sunday, September 19th, the Ed Johnson Memorial will be dedicated near that bridge.

Journalist Peter Canellos - a current editor at Politico and a former editorial page editor of The Boston Globe - recently wrote a book about a key legal figure in the Ed Johnson case:  Justice John Marshall Harlan of the United States Supreme Court.

Peter S. Canellos
Credit Peter S. Canellos

Peter’s book - titled, The Great Dissenter:  The Story of John Marshall Harlan, America’s Judicial Hero - tells how a former slave owner, with the help of a once-enslaved man who grew up alongside him and who was believed to be his half-brother - changed American law.

Peter Canellos will participate in a roundtable discussion at The Camp House in Chattanooga on Friday, September 17th.  Details here:  https://www.edjohnsonproject.com/dedication/the-ed-johnson-project-keynote-lecture-and-history-roundtable-discussion

Credit Simon & Schuster