The Pandemic Shakeup In Our Supply Chains

Jul 28, 2020

Supply chains as we have known them have been reshaped by the responses to living with COVID-19.

The changes are still unfolding as circumstances keep changing - and the ripple effect for years to come is only beginning to be felt.

Credit Kenco Logistics

Here in the Chattanooga area, we hold a unique position in the supply chain business - with unique perspectives to match, including on our own campus:  The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.


Enrique Vizoso is a supply chain consultant with more than thirty years in the manufacturing and logistics industry - and he is involved with the supply chain program here at UTC.


Matthew Williams is supply chain manager for Southern Champion Tray - responsible for distribution and transportation.


Paul Newbourne is a former executive vice president for Covenant Transport Solutions with an extensive career in transportation.  He now works as Logistics Project Consultant.