Stories Of “Remember When, Chattanooga?”

Feb 15, 2021

A weekly series in The Chattanooga Times Free Press - which began a little more than a year ago - looks back at the city’s past, one photo at a time.

The series is called “Remember When, Chattanooga?”




This photo of the Dixie Flyer passenger train in Chattanooga was taken in 1953, part of the EPB collection of images at  Contributed photo from EPB.
Credit ChattanoogaHistory.Com

Mark Kennedy writes the stories in the series - and the photos are on loan from ChattanoogaHistory.Com, a website created by Sam Hall.

Sam is an amateur historian who started collecting and publishing vintage photos of Chattanooga back in 2014.

I spoke with them earlier this month.

This photograph of local teens in 1954 from the Chattanooga News-Free Press archive.
Credit ChattanoogaHistory.Com