WUTC now web-streaming!

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Chattanooga, TN – If you love the music and news programming on WUTC, but live outside the Tennessee valley or listen on the very fringes of our air signal, there is good news: WUTC is now web-streaming. "It is exciting to know that we are no longer limited by geographic boundaries. Now the whole world is our audience." states WUTC manager John McCormack.

Since we started web-streaming in July, we have received feedback from listeners all over the country, expressing their thanks for making our programming available worldwide. Cliff Martin writes, "It is a pleasure to be able to get WUTC without a radio." And Joseph Mullican says, "Thank you for adding the listen live link. Now I can listen anywhere in the world."

Recently congress passed legislation that requires all radio station to pay additional royalties for web-streaming music. As a result, many stations that had plans in the works to begin web-streaming have abandoned their plans, and many stations that were already streaming audio discontinued these services. WUTC decided to go ahead with our plans. "Radio stations now face the obstacle of having many new technologies to broadcast with and we have chosen web-streaming as our next step." says McCormack.

If you are a regular online listener to WUTC, the service is complimentary, but by no means free. We pay a separate royalty for every song on a per listener basis. It is only with your continued financial support that we can continue to make advances, such as web-streaming possible. Your support during the pledge drives is the best way to ensure that WUTC can continue to remain a staying force on the air, and on the web.