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"Scenic Roots" offers conversations that matter in the heart of Chattanooga and the Tennessee Valley.

From the mountains to the river, our conversations are rooted deep within every corner of our community - reflecting who we are, who we were and who we can become.

We engage with the news that affects our community, behind and beyond the headlines.  We build bridges that span from creators and innovators to storytellers and the outdoors.  We focus on our challenges as many communities in one - as we celebrate what inspires us.  We resonate with countless voices - in words and spaces, sounds and songs.

We are "Scenic Roots."

Learning Winter Ways Of The Outdoors

Jan 6, 2020
Outdoor Chattanooga

The new year offers new opportunities to learn - and improve - your outdoor skills.

Starting this week, Outdoor Chattanooga holds its Winter Workshops at its location in Coolidge Park - at 6:30 PM this and every Wednesday through February 19th, free and open to the public with no experience required.


And on the following Saturdays, you get the chance to put your skills into practice.


Sunshine Loveless is with Outdoor Chattanooga…

Chattanooga's Pulse - And The City's Future

Jan 6, 2020
Brewer Media Group

"The Pulse" is Chattanooga’s weekly alternative newspaper.

Last month, it celebrated 16 years of covering news, music, art, culture and politics in this city and beyond.


Gary Poole is The Pulse’s managing editor - and before the holidays, he stopped by “Scenic Roots”...

Scenic Roots - Mon 1/06/20

Jan 6, 2020

  • Gary Poole, managing editor of Chattanooga's alt-weekly "The Pulse."
  • Sunshine Loveless on Outdoor Chattanooga's winter ways.
  • Maite Bou, a dancer-turned-nutritionist, on how to shape a tasty life. 
  • These voices - and more - on this edition of "Scenic Roots."

Ray Bassett is the host of "Scenic Roots" - produced by Haley Solomon, Karley Dodson and Will Davis.

Coach Red's "Reach One Teach One"

Jan 6, 2020

Here in Chattanooga, Reach One Teach One UCA helps get children off the streets - and on to the basketball court.

Reginald Yearby - known as “Coach Red” - started the nonprofit, which gives his players a purpose - both on and off the court.


“Coach Red” stopped by “Scenic Roots"...


A Circle Of Songs, Building Community

Jan 2, 2020

Making music together is open to all at Chattanooga Singing Circle.  

The community group teaches songs in the oral tradition through call and response - no age limit and no audition required to participate.


Naomi Self manages the Circle.


She and Circle member Princess Richards stopped by “Scenic Roots”...


Kingship Chess Academy's Mastermind

Dec 17, 2019
King Ship Chess Academy

Anthony Gladden teaches chess to kids who are eager to learn here in Chattanooga and Hamilton County.


He runs a free afterschool chess program - volunteering at schools, the Urban League and rec centers.


Anthony says he’s just getting started...


Shaping The Terrain For Outdoor Experiences

Dec 17, 2019
Adventure Sports Innovation

Adventure Sports Innovation is a Chattanooga business that brings high-tech into outdoor experiences.

In fact, it is one of six finalists for the annual Spirit of Innovation Award by the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce.


The award winner will be named - and the other finalists will also be honored - next Wednesday, as part of Startup Week Chattanooga.


Patrick Molloy is CEO of Adventure Sports Innovation...

Cochlear Implant Surgery In Chattanooga

Dec 5, 2019
Johnson Audiology

Cochlear implants offer help for those who are hard of hearing.  


The devices have been around for years - but the surgery to implant them was not available in Southeast Tennessee - until now.


Two practices here in Chattanooga - Johnson Audiology, and Associates in ENT - have partnered to make the surgery available at Memorial Hospital.


A Hiker Who Goes Beyond The Distance

Dec 4, 2019

Jennifer Pharr Davis is a hiker, an author and a National Geographic Adventurer of the Year.

She lives in Asheville, North Carolina - and she has covered more than 14,000 miles of long-distance trails on six continents.


Jennifer recently collaborated with watercolor artist Alan Shuptrine on the coffee table book, “I Come From A Place” - paying tribute to the Appalachian Trail.


We invited Jennifer back to “Scenic Roots” for a conversation about her own story...

Climbing At Wauhatchie BoulderFest

Dec 4, 2019

Also on Saturday, the Wauhatchie BoulderFest takes place at the foot of Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga’s Saint Elmo neighborhood.

The fest celebrates the grand opening of the new climbing area at The Lookout Mountain Conservancy’s Boulders on Old Wauhatchie Pike.

Climbers of all levels are welcome there from 9 AM to 5 PM.


The BoulderFest is hosted by The Access Fund and The Southeastern Climbers Coalition.