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Start It Up is a weekly radio show dedicated to Chattanooga's startup community. Whether you have an idea for a business, non-profit, or pop-up activity, Start It Up is your source for advice, best practices, and support.  Most of all, Start It Up is a connection to a broader community of "big idea" people just like you.

So, tune in every Friday morning at 10 o'clock to WUTC 88.1. If you miss us in the morning, each broadcast will re-air every Friday evening at 8 o'clock, and you can also listen online at and

2016 has been a year of tremendous activity in Chattanooga's Startup community.  From the development of the Innovation District to more than $1 billion of new construction, Chattanooga has more new initiatives than ever before.

On this episode, Mayor Andy Berke sits down with Start It Up Host Monty Bruell to assess the year that's been and look ahead to 2017.  There's never been a better time to start or grow a small business in Chattanooga.  

When Dan Rose and Max Poppel launched The Crashpad, they were urban pioneers.  Five years later, they have also opened The Flying Squirrel and watched Southside development boom all around them.  Today their cool hostel and restaurant continue to win acclaim from fans near and far.

After years of running his family's business in Florida and working with Caterpillar dealers throughout North and South America, Larry Kaye has learned how to fine tune business operations to make companies fire on all cylinders.  In 1996, Larry founded Script International to help companies across a broad spectrum of industries learn how to optimize their performance.

On this episode, Larry talks with Start It Up Host Monty Bruell about how the right business processes lead to improved customer service, profit margins, and competitive advantage.   

Most CEOs don't really like to think of bad scenarios.  What happens if your product fails or your customers' accounts are hacked? Peter Gillett, Managing Director of Marketpoint Recall, helps clients with these issues everyday. 

On this episode, Peter talks with Start It Up Host Monty Bruell about how companies can get in front of potentially catastrophic customer service issues.  How well has Samsung managed its recent smartphone recall woes?  What could Volkswagen have done better in navigating its emissions scandal in the US?

As a fitness instructor, Kyle House built a loyal client base.  This popularity has inspired Kyle to co-found Kyle House Fitness on West Main Street.

On this episode, Kyle talks with Start It Up Host Monty Bruell about his unique approach to achieving and maintaining fitness.  Kyle has learned that managing a business requires different skills than teaching a class.

When Tim Piersant and his partners launched Chattanooga Whiskey, they knew they had their work cut out for them.  They had to lobby the Tennessee state legislature to change laws and initially produced their product in Indiana.

Now Chattanooga Whiskey is building a brand new facility downtown and is transitioning all distilling operations to Chattanooga.  On this episode, Tim sits down with Start It Up Host Monty Bruell to chronicle this journey and talk about what comes next.

After working at Bain & Company and going to business school, Will Harper realized how important corporate culture is to business success.  Now, as Co-Founder of Like Humans (a new consulting company), Will helps clients create cultures that optimize happiness.

On this episode, Will talks with Start It Up Host Monty Bruell about how happiness holds the key to improving financial and marketing performance.  

When Joe Bozich decided to start his business, he looked for just the right opportunity.  He wanted a proven concept that had a good track record.  For him, becoming a franchisee of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives was the answer.

Today, Joe Bozich tells Start It Up Host Monty Bruell why franchising provides the right mix of upside potential and downside risk.  As the owner of Chattanooga's Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, Joe helps clients provide added safety, security, and curb appeal to their homes.  

Velma Wilson founded Cleaning Solutions after observing how dusty most offices were. As it turns out, Velma not only has a passion for cleanliness; she also has a passion for people. She quickly learned that her business had the power to change the lives of employees.

On this episode, Velma talks with Start It Up Host Monty Bruell about how her employees are the cornerstone of her business.   

When Cara Hicks found herself pregnant and about to start her freshman year of college, she didn't know how she would get it done.  However, with the help of a supportive mother and other mentors, she was able to not just survive, but thrive. Now, as the founder of The Momentum Network, she shares lessons learned with other single moms and connects them to resources and mentors.

With over 180 events all across Chattanooga's Innovation District, the 3rd annual Startup Week is the city's biggest so far.  Aimed at causing creative collisions between founders, investors, and the public, the event offers a wide array of activities.

Edney Building Events Coordinator Tim Jones and Social Media Consultant Jordan Scruggs talk with Start It Up Host Monty Bruell about the ins and outs of Startup Week.  Tune in and find out how to plug in to this annual event.

Five years ago, Mindy Benton transitioned from personal chef to restaurateur. She has built Mindy B's Deli by offering avant garde sandwiches in an entertaining atmosphere. Mindy believes that even if your job is boring, your lunch doesn't have to be.

On this episode, Mindy talks with Start It Up Host Monty Bruell about the perks and perils of owning a small restaurant. Everyday is a learning experience, and fuels her desire to continue to grow Mindy B's Deli.  

  Katie Hendrix of Mozilla and Tia Capps of The Company Lab talk with Start It Up Host Monty Bruell about 48 Hour Launch: The Internet of Things. This year, 7 teams will compete to see how far they can propel their business ideas over the span of just one weekend. Prizes include cash, professional services, and trips to MozFest in London. 

  When Sharon Kelly's grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, Sharon had few attractive options for her care.  Because Sharon was a Registered Nurse, she new that putting her grandmother in a nursing home would be both expensive and less than optimal.  To solve her own family's dilemma, Sharon decided to create Sharon's Senior Services, a daycare facility for the elderly.

  As a fourth-generation physician, Dr. Kelly Arnold has always had a passion for helping others.  So, when she relocated to Chattanooga, Kelly founded Clinica Medicos to provide comprehensive healthcare to the city's underserved Latino community. Patterned after a Memphis organization started by her family, Clinica Medicos has established itself as a vital portal to services and resources.