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Angel Snow

Angel Snow
Photo by Fairlight Hubbard
Angel Snow

This week, we have a session recorded in the Chattanooga Public Library by Angel Snow and her band.

Angel grew up in Chickamauga - but after winning the shootout competition in Eddie’s Attic in Atlanta in 2008. she spent the next five years touring all over the country – and then she moved to Nashville.

For the first few years after she moved, she wasn’t having a lot of luck and then a friend introduced her to Alison Krauss, who went on to record two of her songs on an album, titled Paper Airplane.

That was the break she’d been hoping would come.

At the time she said, without that boost "I don't think I'd be in Nashville ... I would really seriously probably be in the Peace Corps or teaching English somewhere."

She stayed in Nashville for another ten years before moving back home to Chickamauga.

Her new album, Yesterday is Here, is a collection of songs written by Tom Waits, but radically rearranged by Angel and her band.

I’ve been looking forward to this session. When you listen to it, I think you’ll understand.