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Alex The Band

Photo by Nessa Parrish

From the studio in the Chattanooga Downtown Library, our guest this week is Alex The Band. Led by songwriter, singer, and guitarist Alex Voltz, Alex The Band plays songs Alex described in an interview in The Pulse as “my songs…about me and my life and my family and my dogs.” Referring to the name of the band, he explained, “So normally if you’re that kind of singer/songwriter you don’t have a band name – you just use your name. But my name is hard to spell, and ever since Kindergarten everyone’s spelled it a bunch of different ways like Voltz, Bolts, Vowls, or Pinderwick. I’m just sick of having to say no-v-as-in-violin-and-z-as-in-zebra every time someone wants to find my music. But I can’t be just Alex because there are a million of those in the world. So I went with Alex the Band. It’s simple and easy to spell and if it makes you laugh a little, that’s okay because my music is supposed to make you laugh a little.