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Brownie Lee Hamilton

Photo by Nessa Parrish

"My name is Brownie Lee Hamilton. I had a speech impediment when I was young. I stuttered, had a speech impediment, couldn’t roll or pronounce my R’s, and was bullied for it but with determination and persistence. Anything can happen if you believe and have faith!

I have a 6-year-old daughter named Anavay! We live in Chickamauga, Ga.…

At the young age of 10 music was a part of my heritage and everyday life, starting out learning guitar seriously at 16 when Grizzly Fowler gave me my first guitar.

In addition to my years of onstage experience and behind-the-scenes, technical experience, and know-how has led me up to this point to produce and record my first album."
- Brownie Lee Hamilton