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Symatree is a four-piece band from Cleveland, Tennessee that plays an electrifying fusion of rock, funk, and jazz…all with psychedelic improvisation at its core. All four members of the band are extremely talented musicians. The rhythm section is tight and reliable, communicating effortlessly even amidst the drummer’s penchant for performing with his eyes closed. The keys and lead guitar dance creatively in the melodic space of each song. Occasionally, when improvisation goes off the rails, the entire band takes the ride together as they work their way back to the main structure of the song. The set they performed for us at the downtown library was absolutely seamless, as each song melted into the next with sonic perfection. Even though we were indoors, behind glass, and devoid of a crowd, the band still put on a rockin’ show complete with matching red jumpsuits – their, now traditional, winter ensemble. In the summertime, you can expect to see Symatree rocking their breezy 2-piece set with the iconic 90’s blue and purple “jazz” theme. With all their high energy and improvisational jams, each and every performance from Symatree is a unique journey, ensuring that they are a live band you don’t want to miss.

Production Director, Producer & Host at WUTC of The Haley Solomon Show, ElectroNights with Haley Solomon and Wild Woman Radio.