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Dick Golden & Ray Padgett

My guests on this month’s show are equally passionate music fans albeit with a very different focus. My first guest, Dick Golden, has been hosting and producing radio programs since the early 1960’s. He’s passionate about the music and the singers associated with American popular music before rock and roll especially Tony Bennett with whom he had a long friendship. A few years ago he published a coffee table book in which he wrote about his long relationship with the late singer.

My second guest, Ray Padgett, is passionate about Bob Dylan. He began first hosting and producing a radio show in which he played cover songs. After a while, he stopped hosting the show and in 2007 he started publishing a blog on cover songs. It’s since been featured in Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, and Pitchfork. More recently he began publishing an email newsletter, Flagging Down The Double E, an ongoing series of essays on Bob Dylan’s ever-evolving live shows. He’s also just now published a collection of interviews with some of the many musicians who have played with Bob Dylan in the past sixty years titled Pledging My Time.