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SoundBites: El Rocko, Matt Bohannon, Tryezz - And More

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Each month, SoundCorps - the music nonprofit here in Chattanooga - showcases five locally-produced songs in “SoundBites,” which supports our own musicians.

Stratton Tingle is executive director of SoundCorps.

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  • “Chattanooga’s Black Soundtrack” - at home at The Bessie. At The Chattery, a community journey for human development. SoundBites: El Rocko, Matt Bohannon, Tryezz - and more. These voices - and more - on this edition of “Scenic Roots.”
  • Earlier this summer, the Bessie Smith Cultural Center here in downtown Chattanooga opened its latest exhibit. “Chattanooga’s Black Soundtrack” shares the stories of this city’s African-American music makers: the contributions they made across genres and styles, the struggles they endured and the changes they shaped across the generations up to today.
  • At The Chattery, the learning nonprofit here in Chattanooga, most of the classes focus inward - on how to improve your skills or how to create. But the Human Development program at The Chattery features classes and workshops that focus outward - on how we treat each other and how we should treat each other.