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At Ensemble Theatre, An Odyssey Begins With “The Daughters Of The Moon”

From a rehearsal for “The Daughters of the Moon.”
Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga
From a rehearsal for “The Daughters of the Moon.”

This week, the first in a cycle of nine plays exploring the African diaspora throughout American history comes to Chattanooga.

“The Daughters of the Moon” - produced by Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga - premieres Friday at 7:30 PM at Barking Legs Theater.

All the plays in the cycle - known as “The City of the Bayou Collection” - are by Reginald Edmund, a playwright based in Chicago.

Garry Lee Posey is Ensemble Theatre’s executive director - and Kashun Parks is director of “The Daughters of the Moon.”

Banner for “The Daughters of the Moon”
Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga

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