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Scenic Roots - Tues 2/14/23

Scenic Roots - Tues 2/14/23
  • The place for small-scale development in Chattanooga.
  • “Territorial: The Land and Us,” an exhibition at Stove Works.
  • So, you want to be a podcaster? Ask Michael Crosa.
  • These voices - and more - on this edition of “Scenic Roots.”
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  • What can a Sun Belt city learn from a Rust Belt city about developing vacant spaces? Start small. Scale incrementally. Neighborhoods - and the people in them - first. Those are some of the values that Bernice Radle has applied in Buffalo, New York.
  • A group exhibition coming to Stove Works here in Chattanooga examines our relationship with land - and with each other - through art. “Territorial: The Land and Us” - curated by Haley Clouser of Lincoln, Massachusetts - premieres on Friday, February 24th.
  • Michael Crosa is a podcaster here in Chattanooga. He’s the director of “Jollyville Radio” - and his new podcast is “My Part of Town Chattanooga.” On Tuesday, February 21st, starting at 6 PM, he’ll teach an Introduction to Podcasting class at The Chattery.