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Scenic Roots - Thu 3/09/23

Scenic Roots - Thu 3/09/23
  • David Floyd, reporter for The Chattanooga Times Free Press.
  • How “Cultural Cross Ties” connects artists across Sister Cities.
  • SoundBites: We Are Us, Blended Soul, Swayyvo - & More.
  • These voices - and more - on this edition of “Scenic Roots.”
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  • A proposed ordinance on short-term vacation rentals here in Chattanooga failed to pass at the City Council this week. What happened - and what might happen next? David Floyd is local government reporter for The Chattanooga Times Free Press.
  • Cultural Cross Ties is an art project created by Ann Law of Barking Legs Theater here in Chattanooga. The experimental partnership links artists in this city with artists in Chattanooga’s Sister Cities.
  • This year’s Chattanooga Jewish Documentary Film Series premieres this weekend. Five award-winning, Jewish-themed documentaries will be screened - in person and virtually - for five consecutive weeks. In person screenings will be held at the Jewish Cultural Center.
  • Each month, SoundCorps - the music nonprofit here in Chattanooga - showcases five locally-produced songs in “SoundBites,” which supports our own musicians. Stratton Tingle - executive director of SoundCorps - shares the latest SoundBites with us.