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Scenic Roots - Tues 4/18/23

Scenic Roots - Tues 4/18/23
  • For Hamilton County, setting a pace for future growth.
  • A bold pack of ecological engineers in “Beaverland.”
  • These voices - and more - on this edition of “Scenic Roots.”
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  • How should growth be managed in the unincorporated parts of Hamilton County? Nathan Janeway is the County’s new Director of Development Services - and he’s involved in the process for the first comprehensive growth plan for the future of those unincorporated areas, recently announced by County Mayor Weston Wamp and County Commissioners.
  • Beavers are crafty, consequential animals. They have shaped the history of this country, they loom large in our legends - and they are engineering our ecosystem at this very moment. Leila Philip - author of “Beaverland” - visits Chattanooga next month. I spoke with her and Mark McKnight of Reflection Riding.