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Our Full Conversation With James F. Lima, Next At CIVIQ

James F. Lima
James Lima Planning and Development
James F. Lima

Placemaking for public spaces is meant to put people first, every step of the way - from planning and design to building and maintaining those spaces.

James F. Lima will talk about “The Economics of Placemaking” here in Chattanooga - at The Camp House on Thursday, starting at 5:30 PM - for the CIVIQ speaker series hosted by Chattanooga Design Studio.

He is the founder of James Lima Planning + Development, a real estate and economic advisory firm in New York that helps clients in the public and private sectors to “create more vibrant, equitable and resilient places” - including here in the Southeast.

In the past few weeks, we’ve shared parts of our conversation with James - and now, here is our full conversation with him, joined by the Studio's David Chalker.

James F. Lima at CIVIQ banner.

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