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This Month In Chattanooga: The James Baldwin Festival Of Words

James Baldwin - in London, 1969.
James Baldwin - in London, 1969.

His words on the page spanned novels and plays, essays and poems that resonate to this day.

His words as an orator and debater pierced the public consciousness of his time - and they pierce ours.

James Baldwin, the African-American writer and activist, was born nearly a century ago - on August 2nd, 1924.

This month, the James Baldwin Festival of Words takes place here in Chattanooga - from Friday, August 25th through Sunday, August 27th.

Marsha Mills of the Rhyme N’ Chatt Interactive Poetry Organization is the Baldwin Festival’s director.

Ric Morris is the founder and CEO of the Chattanooga Festival of Black Arts and Ideas, which produces the Baldwin Festival.

Scenic Roots is a media partner for the James Baldwin Festival of Words.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more of our preview conversations - and enjoy the festival!

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