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Scenic Roots - Weds 8/02/23

Scenic Roots - Weds 8/02/23
  • Arielle Garcia Hayes, Principal of University High here at UTC.
  • Beyond the Bard in Obvious Dad’s “Lear” on the UTC campus.
  • These voices - and more - on this edition of “Scenic Roots.”
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  • Next week is the start for students at University High - a partnership between Hamilton County Schools and our campus, the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Arielle Garcia Hayes is the Principal - or as she likes to say, the PrinciPAL - of University High.
  • “Lear” is a play that twists and transcends the tale by William Shakespeare about the old King and his daughters. It’s the finale for this summer’s season from theatre company Obvious Dad in Chattanooga - premiering Friday in the Fine Arts Center here at UTC, recommended for ages 16 and older.