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Scaling Startups In Sustainable Mobility For The Chattanooga Area

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For startups here in Chattanooga, “sustainable mobility” is a new frontier of opportunity.

The nonprofit Company Lab - or CO.LAB - defines it as the “future-forward movement of goods, people, energy and data.”

Think of electric and autonomous vehicles, freight logistics, urban planning, smart traffic solutions, technology for auto batteries and for quantum computing.

This spring, CO.LAB launched a Sustainable Mobility Accelerator program in partnership with gener8tor, a nationally-ranked accelerator that invests in high-growth startups in cities across the country.

The goal: to scale startups that have the potential for significant impact in sustainable mobility in the Chattanooga area.

Donna Ehart
Donna Ehart

Donna Ehart recently joined CO.LAB as managing director of the Sustainable Mobility Accelerator.

I spoke with her - and Rosimar Nieves, CO.LAB’s Programs Director.

Rosimar Nieves
Rosimar Nieves

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