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SoundCorps: Hip-Hop Week, Swayyvo - And SoundBites

SoundBites banner for 1000523

Hip-hop turned 50 this year - and around Chattanooga, celebration will soon be in the air.

Next week is Chattanooga Hip-Hop Week, culminating with the Chattanooga Hip-Hop Summit on Friday, October 13th and Saturday, October 14th.

Stratton Tingle is executive director of SoundCorps, the music nonprofit in this city.

I spoke with him about the Week, the Summit - and SoundBites, which showcases five tracks each month from Chattanooga-area musicians.

Joining us for the conversation: Swayyvo, one of the musicians featured on the latest SoundBites.

Chattanooga Hip-Hop Summit banner.
Chattanooga Hip-Hop Summit

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