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Sculpture Fields, Part II: Pamela Henry & Issac Duncan III

“Renegade” by Chakaia Booker - installed at Sculpture Fields in 2021.
Sculpture Fields at Montague Park
“Renegade” by Chakaia Booker - installed at Sculpture Fields in 2021

This weekend here in Chattanooga, the largest sculpture park in the Southeast hosts its annual sculpture burn.

Fire Up the Fields is Saturday - starting at 5:30 PM - at Sculpture Fields at Montague Park in the Southside neighborhood.

The vision for the future of Sculpture Fields looks bright - as part of a recently-proposed reimagining of the Montague Park site.

With that in mind, we are looking back on the creation of Sculpture Fields with a series of conversations here on “Scenic Roots.”

Pamela Henry and her husband John, a sculptor of global renown, moved to Chattanooga in 2000.

In our first conversation, we talked about how Sculpture Fields as it is today would not be here without them - and how what stands there now is also a tribute to John, who died last year.

This next conversation is also a tribute to John, the artist and the person.

Pamela joins us again - this time, with sculptor Issac Duncan III.

More details on Saturday's Fire Up the Fields at sculpturefields.org.

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