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In Dalton, A Fairytale Through The Seasons In “The Snow Queen”

Cast members of “The Snow Queen" at Creative Arts Guild in Dalton.
Bobbi Jo Brooks Fine Art + Photography via Creative Arts Guild
Cast members of “The Snow Queen" at Creative Arts Guild in Dalton.

When Hans Christian Andersen wrote “The Snow Queen” in 1844, the Danish author could not have imagined how his fairytale would come to life in Dalton, Georgia in this century.

This Thursday through Sunday, Creative Arts Guild and Ballet Dalton present this year’s production of “The Snow Queen” - a full-length ballet that journeys through the seasons - at the Dalton High School Theatre.

Amanda Brown is executive director of Creative Arts Guild.

Jessie Southerland is the Guild’s director of dance and production director.

2023 Banner for “The Snow Queen.”
Creative Arts Guild

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