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Scenic Roots - Weds 11/22/23

Scenic Roots - Weds 11/22/23
  • Ken Chance of Appalachian Foothills Fruits & Nuts in Etowah.
  • Chattamatters on passenger rail; EPB’s Holiday Windows.
  • These voices - and more - on this edition of “Scenic Roots.”

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  • As dry as it has been here recently in Chattanooga and the Tennessee Valley, native plants bearing fruits and nuts in this corner of Appalachia have managed to survive - and even thrive - for generations. Just ask Ken Chance of Appalachian Foothills Fruits and Nuts.
  • Chattanooga is one of four cities - along with Memphis, Nashville and Atlanta - which together applied for Federal funds to study the feasibility of bringing passenger rail back to this part of the Southeast.
  • The time is here for this year’s EPB Holiday Windows in downtown Chattanooga. At 5 PM on this day before Thanksgiving, the festive displays will be unveiled in the windows on the Broad and Market Street sides of the EPB headquarters building - along with something new.