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Zest: A Cooking App Startup In A City Geared For The Foodies

Jake Gutstein and Graham Kirstein, co-founders of Zest.
Jake Gutstein and Graham Kirstein, co-founders of Zest.

A recent article in Forbes Magazine described Chattanooga as an “under-the-radar culinary gem.”

The foodie scene here inspires and challenges people who want to learn how to cook in their own home - but who also struggle with online do-it-yourself lessons that are unappetizing and indigestible for putting food on their table.

Zest is a cooking app startup now based in Chattanooga that aims to reach and teach that audience.

Jake Gutstein is the co-founder of Zest, backed by Brickyard - the venture capital incubator for emerging startups.

I spoke with him last month.

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