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Talking Writing: Marilyn Forsythe on “Gone Nuts About Herbs”

Marilyn & Neville Forsythe
Neville Forsythe
Marilyn & Neville Forsythe

Richard Winham speaks with Marilyn Forsythe - wife of the late Chattanooga chef Neville Forsythe - about “Gone Nuts About Herbs,” a collection of his favorite recipes that she edited.

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  • You like see-saws that emit light and sound? How about a parade of lanterns? The see-saws and the lanterns - and plenty more - are all part of Rock the Riverfront, a new monthlong festival in downtown Chattanooga that starts on Friday.
  • Dalton is known as the carpet capital - and that’s where a student documentary about the city will receive the red carpet treatment. On Friday, the film “Dalton: A Story of Survival” will be screened at the Wink Theater in downtown Dalton, starting at 7:30 PM.
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