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The Story of Change
Second Sunday Each Month / 6 AM - 7 AM
Rod Francis

The Story of Change is free ranging exploration of everything related to the topic change.  From what it takes and means for us to grow and transform individually and how to negotiate change, all the way through to how change manifests and is effected socially, in organizations, corporations, communities and countries.  And let’s not stop there, occasionally widening out the conversation to consider the nature of change on a global scale.

Hosted by Rod Francis, The Story of Change weaves expert opinion such as academics, researchers, leaders and including spiritual leaders with cross-cultural perspectives and remarkable stories of change from everyday folk, blending the magical and the mundane into a rich, evocative tapestry of learning and discovery.  Rod’s aim is that the stories themselves speak their own meta-tale of what change means for us as humans including what truly works.

Learn More:  thestoryofchange.net

Contact Rod:  rod@thestoryofchange.net

The Story of Change