Fiber: The Coming Tech Revolution--And Why America Might Miss It
Yale University Press

In her new book, Fiber: The Coming Tech Revolution―and Why America Might Miss It, author Susan Crawford shows how a few cities and towns are fighting monopoly power to bring the next technological revolution to their communities. WUTC's Will Davis talks to the author about the book and her presentation at The Enterprise Center in Chattanooga on Thursday, April 25. Register here.

Today is America Recycles Day, and here’s a discovery that could encourage more of us to put our plastics in the recycling bin instead of the garbage can...

Researchers with the Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute say they’ve found the Tennessee River contains staggering levels of microplastic pollution, possibily due to littering and landfills.

 The Crossing the Cumberlands concert is coming up November 17 at the Tivoli with around 30 Americana artists performing. It’s a benefit for the development of the Cumberland Trail and the protection of the natural resources along the 300-mile corridor.

Tennessee’s economy shows continued growth, especially in Hamilton County, according the Secretary of State’s new report released for the third quarter of this year. Dr. William Fox speaks with us about it. He directs the University of Tennessee’s Boyd Center for Business & Economic Research, which prepared the report.

Later this week, if you’re walking through downtown Chattanooga’s Innovation District, someone might be watching you to see how you’re using the space. 

The Chattanooga Design Studio is putting out a call for volunteers: people to help survey which corridors and blocks might need more park benches, or other features to help Chattanoogans better use and enjoy this part of the city.

Eric Myers is the Chattanooga Design Studio’s Executive Director.

November Is Epilepsy Awareness Month

Nov 9, 2018

WUTC’s Richard Norwood speaks with Shawnessy Cargile, Educator for the Epilepsy Foundation of Southeast Tennessee.

A pediatrician, a family physician, and two nurses were among the candidates on various Hamilton County ballots during the midterm elections, and their experiences informed their ideas on increasing Tennessee residents’ access to healthcare.


Governor Bill Haslam visited the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga to see how the state’s Employment First Task Force is creating opportunities on campus. The task force helps people with intellectual, development and other disabilities get jobs. It started five years ago with an executive order Haslam signed.

UTC and Orange Grove have a program called Orange Grove University, which provides jobs to such people through the campus food services vendor Aramark.

Dr. David Sachsman joins us to talk about the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga’s 26th annual Symposium on the 19th-Century Press, the Civil War and Free Expression.

Republicans Win 8 of 9 Partisan Races on Hamilton County Ballots

Nov 7, 2018

Yusuf Hakeem was the only winning Democrat in various Hamilton County elections Tuesday. He replaces Tennessee State House District 28 Representative JoAnne Favors, also a Democrat, who is retiring.