Scenic Roots

A Boy Who Shares His Birthday For Others

Feb 4, 2020
The Chatsworth Times

Hayden Bullington lives in Chatsworth, Georgia.

He was born with cystic fibrosis - and tomorrow, he turns 15 years old.

His family says he’s able to lead a fairly normal life - because of a regimen of checkups, tests, chest therapies, breathing treatments and daily medications.


Hayden says he is blessed by how fortunate he is - and he’s concerned about others who struggle to pay for their medications.


A Couple Who Builds Businesses Together

Feb 4, 2020

Text Request is a software company here in Chattanooga that helps other businesses to target and use text messages.

It is the most recent business launched over the past twenty years by Brian Elrod and his wife Jamey.


Brian stopped by “Scenic Roots”...

Snapshots Of "The New South"

Feb 4, 2020

“Southbound” opens Friday at The Hunter Museum here in Chattanooga.

The exhibition - which runs through April 26th - will feature the works of dozens of photographers, offering their vision of “The New South” in the first decades of this century.


Natalie Mead is with The Hunter Museum...

Learning "The Politics Of Body Language"

Feb 2, 2020

Donna Van Natten knows the power of body language.

She travels across the country to help people present themselves professionally - and coach them on how to read body language.


Her new book - out this month, in time for campaign season - is titled:  “The Body Language of Politics.”


Donna lives here in Chattanooga - and she stopped by Scenic Roots...

Toby Hewitt Shares His Stories And Music

Jan 28, 2020

On Thursday nights here in Chattanooga, you’ll find Toby Hewitt performing at the Backstage Bar on Station Street.

The singer-songwriter is a Chattanooga native - and last month, Toby dropped by “Scenic Roots” for a conversation, full of stories and songs, that we bring you for this hour...

Scenic Roots - Tues 1/28/20

Jan 28, 2020

  • Singer-songwriter Toby Hewitt shares his stories and music.
  • His voice - and more - on this edition of "Scenic Roots."

Ray Bassett is the host of "Scenic Roots" - produced by Haley Solomon, Karley Dodson and Will Davis.

Beverly Scott and Thomas Scott
StoryCorps / WUTC

Today on Tennessee Valley StoryCorps, Beverly Scott talks to her father, Thomas Scott.

Tennessee Valley StoryCorps brings you conversations from people who went to the StoryCorps recording booth in Chattanooga's Miller Park in the spring of 2019. You can subscribe to the Tennessee Valley StoryCorps podcast on iTunes or Google Podcasts and never miss an episode. This series is produced and edited by Will Davis and made possible, in part, by EPB Fiber Optics.

Scenic Roots - Mon 1/27/20

Jan 27, 2020

  • James McKissic's "Rooted in Color" exhibition at Chattanooga's AVA Gallery.
  • Military historian Louis Varnell's one-man show on World War I at CTC.
  • Alexis Willis of the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce's INCubator.
  • These voices - and more - on this encore edition of "Scenic Roots."

Ray Bassett is the host of "Scenic Roots" - produced by Haley Solomon, Karley Dodson and Will Davis.

Stepping Up At A Swing Dance Club

Jan 24, 2020

If swing is your thing, you can find it on the first Saturday of each month at River City Dance Club here in Chattanooga.


The Club’s Bill Lenzi will take you through the steps...

Chattanooga HUGS Embraces All

Jan 24, 2020

Susan Spurgeon believes in many forms of hugs:  physical, virtual, a smile, a kind word.

She gives them all - and encourages them all - at Chattanooga HUGS.


The “HUGS” stands for “Hearts United Grow Stronger” - and for Susan, all of the positivity is for a purpose:  for all of us to share love and acceptance of each other...