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Next On “The A List” From WTCI PBS: Alex Paul Loza

Alex Paul Loza
Alex Paul Loza
Alex Paul Loza

Alex Paul Loza has garnered the attention of art enthusiasts around the world with his impressive sculptures, murals and portraits - and people here in the Chattanooga area can see his work in public spaces throughout our community.

He has sculpted a wide range of figures - from Thaddeus Stevens, the “Father of the 14th Amendment” to local icons such as Bessie Smith, Emma Wheeler and even a certain snack cake sweetheart.

Whether he’s creating pieces for the Little Debbie Park in Collegedale or the renowned Gettysburg Monument collection, Alex infuses his work with story and emotion.

Alex Paul Loza is the next guest on “The A List with Alison Lebovitz” - this Thursday at 8:30 PM on our public media partner WTCI PBS.

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