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ElectroNights with Haley Solomon
Fridays / 7 PM - 9 PM

A versatile show that caters both to the open-minded music lovers of Funk, Soul, and Hip Hop - and to the dedicated fans of EDM, House, and Indie Pop. 

This electronic music show spans a wide variety of styles, tones, and feelings within the genre of “Electronic Music” - all under the cover of darkness.  Whether you’re on your way home from work, heading out to meet friends, or chilling in your living room, this high-energy, Friday night show is sure to get you boppin'.

Come dance with me on Friday nights as we get to know the foremost artists of this genre - and hear from the newcomers just starting to make waves.

And don't forget to follow Haley88.1 on Instagram for exclusive ticket giveaways, behind-the-scenes interview pics, and sneak previews of this week's playlists.

You can also find her playlists on Spotify.