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Thanks For Your Support During Our Spring Pledge Drive

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Thank you, WUTC listeners!

During the live portion of our Spring Pledge Drive, you donated $40,000 to support your public radio station here in Chattanooga and the Tennessee Valley.

The fundraising continues online - please help us reach our overall goal of $60,000 by donating here.

For 40 years, WUTC has been a critical part of the community, delivering news and information that helps our listeners find clarity, make decisions, and take action.

We have done so in partnership with you, our listeners, who are responsible for two-thirds of the funding that enables WUTC to fulfill our mission and bring the best in public radio to Chattanooga and the Tennessee Valley.

Your support enables us to offer beloved local programming such as The Richard Winham Show, The Haley Solomon Show and Scenic Roots with Ray Bassett.

We are also excited to premiere sought-after national programming, including Science Friday, The New Yorker Radio Hour and Intelligence Squared.

Thanks to your support, we provide unique learning opportunities for student storytellers on our campus, the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

Public radio provides trusted sources, thoughtful reporting, and enlightening conversations to help us navigate our rapidly changing world.

Quality journalism and music programming require significant resources – technology, equipment and most importantly, dedicated staff – and we appreciate your support.

As always, thank you.