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Sunlight Shines Through McLeod's 'Sundial,' Casting Shadows

Sundial with Donnie Hutcherson and Hugh Huffaker

When the accounting firm of Henderson Hutcherson and McCullough decided to remove an old parking hut from the center of their parking lot, the concrete pedestal offered the perfect location for a piece of art that could be shared with everyone who passed by.  They commissioned a work from local sculpture artist John McLeod.  Between the firm's input and McLeod's artistic exploration of their wishes, the piece Sundial was created.

Sundial stands in the center of the parking lot entrance in front of the renovated Freight Depot at Market and 12th Streets.  The sculpture is completely static, but the shadows in motion as the sunlight moves across the piece adds a dynamic component to the work.  Sundial is also lit up so that anyone can enjoy the piece anytime of day or night.  This art was commissioned and paid for by the firm of Henderson Hutcherson and McCullough and placed so that it is available for the public to enjoy.


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