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New Americana Music Show on NPR Music 88

Chattanooga, TN – Every once in a while, there is a reactionary shift in the arts. In times of excess, people crave simplicity. Awash in the over production of popular music, audiences were bound to call for a simpler, truer music. With the stellar success of the Oh Brother! Where Art Thou soundtrack, this has become evident to the music business as a whole. The movement of musicians, who found influence and solace in the Appalachian harmonies of the Carter Family, or the narratives of Jimmie Rogers, finally found commercial viability and airplay. Continuing in that tradition, WUTC has chosen to feature this folk-music heritage from it s earliest recordings, through the visionary Bluegrass of Bill Monroe, and into the revivalist movements of the later part of the century in a one hour program on Saturday nights.

My name is Andrew Heck and I will be hosting the American Music Hour. My interest in Bluegrass and Old time goes back to visits to the Mountain Opry as I grew up on Signal Mountain, and it brought me to play with local band Uncle Lightnin' as their mandolin player. I will rely on my friends in the local music scene, the experienced staff of WUTC, Chad's Records and CDs, and especially you the listeners. I need all the advice I can get from you because I want to deliver the best Bluegrass, Newgrass, Old-Time, Rockgrass, Jazzgrass or whatever you want to call it, as long as it s good music and it is representative of Americana. The American Music Hour will air every Saturday evening at 8:00PM starting the first week in August. Voices From Home, WUTC's showcase for local artists and live music, will move to Monday evenings at 8:00PM.