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Free Lunch for Tuesday, December 3rd

Chattanooga, TN –

"The songs on Beeline are about the present," says singer-songwriter Peter Case of his latest album an immediate, musically multi-lingual missive from the frontlines of his emotions. "I'm not carrying the weight of telling stories of the past, I'm telling the story of right now and so I'm free to emote: Just lean back, close my eyes and sing."

Staring down the night on the opening song, "If You've Got A Light To Shine" (with its swarming headful of faith-shaken voodoo drums), and closing with "First Light" (a buzzing reflection on the new dawn), throughout Beeline, Case delivers a straight shot from the heart. Using essential elements of his iconoclastic and commanding rockin' folk music, Case goes further down uncharted roads for Beeline.

"I'm interested in roots, but I'm not interested in boundaries. I just try to put everything I love into the music," says Case.

From the psychedelic ragtime remembrance, "Gone" and the transcendent note-to-self, "Ma ana Champeen," to the Mississippi-Delhi mourning song, "Evening Raga," and the sideways global rhythm of "Something's Coming" (remixed as a bonus track by Rob Swift), Beeline's 10 songs, are founded on the powerful emotions of Case's present, filtered through dimensions of the past and beamed-in on the possibilities for the future.

Beeline, the latest album from L.A. based singer/songwriter Peter Case, will be featured on WUTC as the Free Lunch on Tuesday, December 3rd. This album is the ninth solo effort from Peter, and perhaps his finest. Don't miss an opportunity to hear the new album in its entirety, on Tuesday, December 3rd at 12noon.