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Counting the Kicks May Save a Life

Count the Kicks

Fetal and infant mortality rates continue to drop due, in part, to education and awareness programs promoted by the Hamilton County Health Department.  

Programs included in the Infant Mortality Reduction Initiative are designed to prepare women before conception, prenatal education awareness, and infant care and safety information. 

The newest program supported by the Hamilton County Health Department is Count the Kicks, a prenatal activity designed to document activity in the womb.  Mothers are asked to track fetal kicks or movement twice daily with the goal of at least 10 kicks in a 2 hour period.  This daily activity will encourage quiet time to get familiar with the baby's activity levels.  If there is a significant reduction in activity, expectant mothers are encouraged to contact their doctors. 

Count the Kicks offers a web-based application to help track activity with additional information on what to expect from fetal activity.  Counting kicks is free and provides a simple and effective way to monitor the well being of your baby.

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