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Brandy Robinson

Brandy Robinson 022

“Brandy Robinson is a breath of fresh air,” wrote Steve Morris, a music writer for the Boston Globe. “Her music is as adventurous as her travel itinerary. Her music is all that and more with her self-described 'Funky-Folk Fusion.' Robinson, he concluded “is a definitely a talent to watch.” Brandy grew up in Knoxville. When she was 19, she moved to Hawaii where she opened the first hemp shop on the islands of Waikiki. Brandy began meeting pro surfers from around the area who inspired her to live the life she wanted. Already accomplished on the guitar Brandy began writing about everyday life in her beautiful surroundings. Starting every morning surfing was fun, but ending every day with a song around the campfire inspired Brandy to move back to the mainland to pursue a career in music. In a review in The Daily Times in Knoxville, Steve Wildsmith wrote: “Her travels have served her well - over the past several years, Robinson has grown more confident in both her performing and songwriting ability. Drawing on her experiences as a modern-day gypsy, she draws intricate portraits of people, places, and emotions in her songs, interweaving them with a tapestry of acoustic guitar and her lilting, breathy vocals that turn them into sonic poetry.” From the moment she began playing the guitar and singing in the church choir when she was 12 years old, Brandy Robinson has been developing a style all her own with poetic lyrics, funky guitar riffs, and hip-hop scats. She’s released two albums and an ep on her own record label, GuitarMama Records.