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Aura Child is the psychedelic bass and electronic project of Jordan Gwarjanski, now based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Jordan got his start in music by playing guitar in punk and hardcore bands in his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. After years of playing in the scene, though, punk and hardcore riffs lost their luster for Jordan, and so he decided to try his hand at an entirely different genre of music: electronic. With some coaching from friends and a lot of online research, Jordan slowly learned how to build an electronic track and be a live DJ. Now, a few EPs later, Jordan as Aura Child is playing festivals and regular gigs in the Chattanooga electronic scene. His set for us at the downtown public library was so fun and funky that we all struggled to stay in our seats. Check out his latest work “Star Burst” and add Aura Child to the list of local electronic DJs you just can’t miss.

Production Director, Producer & Host at WUTC of The Haley Solomon Show, ElectroNights with Haley Solomon and Wild Woman Radio.