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“Songbirds” Documentary Set For UTC Premiere

A Gibson guitar.
Songbirds Foundation
A Gibson guitar.

Two-and-a-half years ago, the onset of the pandemic forced the closure of the earlier version of Songbirds in downtown Chattanooga.

Dagan Beckett captured the story of the world’s most extensive collection of vintage guitars.

He is a native of this city, an alum of our campus - the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga - and the director of “Songbirds,” a feature documentary that won an Emmy.

On Thursday, UTC will host a free screening of the film, starting at 7:30 PM in the Fine Arts Center’s Roland Hayes Concert Hall.

This past spring, I spoke with Dagan and Irv Berner, one of the film’s producers - and here is part of that conversation.

More about the documentary at songbirdsfilm.com.

“Songbirds” at UTC banner.

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