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At The Next CIVIQ In Chattanooga: Chandra Christmas-Rouse On “Designing Disruption”

Chandra Christmas-Rouse
Sadiyya Ameena / MapLibs Project
Chandra Christmas-Rouse

For cities, urban design at its best is meant to put people first - and center them with a sense of place.

However, sometimes the neat lines of a design - on the page or in the mind’s eye - stand in the way, because those lines miss how people and places live in practice.

Chandra Christmas-Rouse is an urban planner, advocate and artist in Chicago - where she is a senior manager at the Metropolitan Planning Council.

This week, she visits Chattanooga - as the next speaker for CIVIQ, presented by Chattanooga Design Studio, on Thursday starting at 5:30 PM at The Camp House.

The title of her talk, “Designing Disruption: What If We Did Fix It?”

I spoke with Chandra - and Eric Myers, the Studio’s executive director.

Banner for Chandra Christmas-Rouse at CIVIQ.
Chattanooga Design Studio

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