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Moondog Matinee
Saturdays / 6 PM - 8 PM

Moondog Matinee is quintessential public radio programming. 

Only on a listener-supported station would the idea of two hour-long shows produced by a gifted musician, one by a nationally celebrated poet, two by local theatre groups and several others from passionate music fans sharing songs they love not only be considered - but enthusiastically embraced - and scheduled every Saturday evening from 6 until 8. 

If you’d like to know more, each of the producers has written about their show below.

First Saturdays

6 PM:  Supersonic Soul Show / Doug Cook.  Every month, Doug Cook brings plenty good soul - from Memphis to Muscle Shoals, Motown to Philly, Mayfield’s Chicago to Brother Ray’s classics at NYC’s fabled red-and-black Atlantic.  We highlight lost gems along with a few big hits - and more recent and current R&B stars like Sharon Jones, Leon Bridges, D’Angelo the Black Pumas and Brittany Howard.  On occasion, a quick story - heard the one about Mel Brown’s tantalizing soul jazz confection, “18-pounds of Unclean Chitlins’”?  Mmmm, soul good!

7 PM:  The Rock Show / Nessa Parrish From themed music shows, artist interviews, pop culture reviews, and more - The Rock Show provides an hour of things that rock, whether it's rock or not! You can catch Elvis Presley, N.W.A., and Harry Styles, all within the same hour.

Second Saturdays

6 PM:  American Songcatcher / Nicholas Edward Williams.  Tracing the roots of American music from its emigrated past to artists playing the songs forward.  In each show, folk singer-songwriter Nicholas Edward Williams uncovers unique stories and lesser-known facts behind five songs, spanning from centuries ago to those carrying tradition today.   Then, as folk artists have always done, Williams recreates them.  From European immigrants, to songs of the South: gospel, ragtime, blues, country, and the folk music derived from it all.  Hear stories of legends and the underrepresented.  Here’s to the songs of old, may they live on forever.

7 PM:  Americanarama / Brian Hamilton.  Every month, Brian Hamilton cooks up a mix of classic and current American roots music - including country, roots-rock, folk, bluegrass, R&B and blues.  He came of age listening to Emmylou Harris, Warren Zevon, Bonnie Raitt, The Temptations, The Grateful Dead, The Blasters, Lou Reed, Bob Dylan and The Band.  Brian's show is a celebration of today’s roots musicians and the musicians who inspired them.  Dante's Old South upends negative stereotypes and highlights the diversity that makes us a people. From the same company behind The Blue Mountain Review, a journal of culture, this radio program proves laughter, art, and healthy conversation food for the soul.

Third Saturdays

6 PM:  Dante's Old South / Clifford Brooks.  Dante's Old South upends negative stereotypes and highlights the diversity that makes us a people.  From the same company behind The Blue Mountain Review, a journal of culture, this radio program proves laughter, art and healthy conversation food for the soul.

7 PM:  The Mars Theatre On The Air / Back Alley Productions.  While The Mars Theatre in LaFayette, GA remains closed due to COVID-19, Back Alley Productions has been performing radio theatre to continue our mission of entertaining and engaging our local audiences.  From comedy to drama to sci-fi to the classics, Back Alley continues to “think outside of the black box“ - and into your radios and devices.  (Alternates with Digital Theatre Showcase.)

7 PM:  Digital Theatre Showcase / Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga.  Radio play style performances of unpublished plays by some of the industry's newest playwrights.  Giving voice to the creative talents of tomorrow's theatre.  (Alternates with The Mars Theatre On The Air.)

Fourth Saturdays

6 PM:  Sound Collage / Elena Nourabadi.  This show is dedicated to exhibiting the reworked elements of songs and sounds and their transformation into new tracks, otherwise known as sampling.  Host Elena Nourabadi shares her favorite music alongside either the sampled segments that make them special or newer tunes that sample those tracks.

7 PM:  The Line / Butch Ross.  A show about connections.  Musical connections.  Topical connections.  Connections between the present and the past.  In short, connections between anything that Butch Ross decides to connect.  Mostly acoustic, completely eclectic.  Butch is known around town as "the dulcimer guy.”  He is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, live looper, and producer.