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Scenic Roots - Weds 12/21/22

Scenic Roots - Tues 12/21/22
  • A red wolf photographer. Jim Ogden. Transit equity.
  • Stories from our student interns at UTC on “Scenic Roots.”
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  • At Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center here in Chattanooga, you’ll find red wolves. Ever since they caught the eyes of Jessica Suarez, she has captured them with her camera, as Stephen Thomas - one of our student interns for Scenic Roots - tells us.
  • If you want to learn about the history of Civil War battles here in the Chattanooga area, he’ll take you there with his storytelling, full of knowledge and insights and relentless curiosity. Joshua Shoop - a student intern for Scenic Roots - caught up with him.
  • What should the future of transit look like here in Chattanooga? Aidan Loughran - a student intern for Scenic Roots - spoke with one person on our campus here at UTC who has been tackling that question.