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What Can Chattanooga Learn From Adelaide, Australia? Ask Chris Daniels

Chris Daniels in Brown Hill Creek - a suburb of Adelaide, Australia.
Green Adelaide
Chris Daniels in Brown Hill Creek - a suburb of Adelaide, Australia.

Here in Chattanooga, this is Earth Week.

As Chattanooga Parks and Outdoors presents a variety of events for our community, this City is also highlighting its push to join the National Park City movement.

London became the first National Park City a few years ago - as we heard in our conversation with Daniel Raven-Ellison.

The second city to join the movement: Adelaide - the most populous city on the southern coast of Australia.

Professor Chris Daniels was a key force in making that happen.

He’s an environmentalist, zoologist and a storyteller of science for Australians for decades.

These days, he chairs the Green Adelaide Landscape Board and Urban Ecological Board - in and around and for the City of Adelaide.

Chattanooga National Park City banner.

It’s Earth Week here in Chattanooga.

Check out the events now through Saturday at chattanooga.gov/parks.

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