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Themes of the Day

When you pledge, you will automatically be entered into the drawings for the giveaways.  To see the daily giveaways, go HERE.  Click on the red 'Donate' button above to pledge.

Each day of the pledge drive, we feature a different theme.  Be sure to tune in or stream to hear the theme-related segments throughout the day.

FRI, 9/13:  UTC vs. UTK 

  • Let us know which team you think will win the game.
  • Go to our Facebook page to answer our poll:  facebook.com/wutc88
  • Win tickets to the game

MON, 9/16:  Big 9 & Podcast Partners

  • Series about some of the people and places on Chattanooga’s historic Martin Luther King Blvd.

TUES, 9/17:  Local Shows

  • Highlighting community-generated music programs such as Mountain Grass, Louisiana House Party & Timeless Jazz

WED, 9/18:  Scenic Roots - Outdoors

  • Conversations on all things outdoors, from activities to Nature's wonders

TH, 9/19:  Local Musicians

  • Richard Winham highlights regional musicians, such as Mark Porkchop Holder & MPH and Slim Pickins Bluegrass

FRI, 9/20:  Cats vs. Dogs

  • Let us know if you are a feline person or a canine person
  • Go to our Facebook page to answer our poll:  facebook.com/wutc88
  • Win a WUTC "Suppawter" pet t-shirt or bandana

MON, 9/23:  Tennessee Valley StoryCorps

  • Series featuring local oral histories recorded earlier this year

TUES, 9/24:  Weekend Podcasts 

  • Featuring top-rated podcasts such as Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me, Hidden Brain and TED Radio Hour.

WED, 9/25:  Scenic Roots - Impact

  • Conversations on who we are, who we were and who we can become

TH, 9/26:  Local Theatre

  • Scenes from community theatre groups around the area, including the Ensemble Theatre Company and Chattanooga Theatre Centre.

FRI, 9/27:  Local Businesses

  • Highlighting local business supporters and their path to partnering with WUTC.


If you can spare some time and would like to volunteer in assisting us with answering phones and taking pledges from callers, we’d love to have you. Come and meet WUTC staff, other volunteers and supporters of the station. 

To volunteer, you may sign up HERE

Or you can call us at 423-425-4756.

Thank you for considering volunteering some of your time to WUTC.

We hope to see you during the pledge drive!